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Single pricing for interurban public transport in France

Publication by GART



The départements in France are public transport authorities for regular and school services. Different départements have always operated different fare policies.

However, more and more departmental councillors – keen to attract more passengers to their interurban transport networks, make public transport a sustainable means of travel, and attenuate differences in fares for the greater equality of all citizens – are opting for the implementation of a simple, appealing fare system: single pricing.

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In France, single pricing was initiated in 2001 by Meurthe-et-Moselle Departmental Council, with more and more départements following suit. As of 30 September 2007, a total of 17 départements had adopted a single pricing scheme for their networks.



The study first gives a summary of the various single-pricing practices adopted in the 17 départements that operate such schemes. The second part of the study provides detailed profiles for each département.

GART is an association of elected representatives representing 252 transport authorities (in metropolitan areas, départements and regions). Its aim is to improve travel and develop public transport in France. The association's website is: http://www.gart.org

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The qualitative results have been positive overall, although it should be remembered that all the départements that have implemented a single-pricing strategy have also made transport the subject of extensive communications to promote their policies. The economic results, on the other hand, have been more mixed; however, the recent nature of these experiments makes it difficult to draw many conclusions. Nonetheless, it is reasonable to suppose that the provision of the necessary transport resources to cover the mobility demand generated is likely to involve considerable expense.


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